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The Teatro della Pergola is a historical theater in Florence and one of the oldest and richest in history in all of Italy, located along via della Pergola at even numbers from 12 to 32. Contrary to what one might believe is the theater that took its name from the street in which it stands and not vice versa, there was in fact a grape arbor in the 16th century but further on in the street, near the buildings of the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova and the oratory of San Tommaso d'Aquino. The theater has been subject to architectural constraints since 1942, as "the first great example of Italian theater" and in its qualification "as an episode of fundamental importance for the documentation of the history of Italian and world theater".

Teatro Della Pergola History

The theater was built with a wooden structure in 1656 by Ferdinando Tacca (son of the sculptor Pietro Tacca) on behalf of the Accademia degli Immobili, and inaugurated during the carnival of 1657.

The theater, which later became "grand-ducal theater", was then affected by various transformations: in 1688 in 1718 and the most important intervention between 1753 and 1755.
These extensions are the prelude to one of the most fruitful periods in the history of the Pergola, the one marked between 1823 and 1855 by the management of the entrepreneur Alessandro Lanari. Under his impulse Florence becomes one of the most important stages of Italian classical melodrama. The most important composers, starting with Bellini, stop in via della Pergola and Giuseppe Verdi makes his Macbeth debut there in 1847

Today, with the recovery of both the Saloncino and other rooms located under the floor of the stalls, the theater has expanded its potential. Thanks to its functional characteristics as well as formal and aesthetic ones, the Pergola theater also confirms today a leading role in the panorama of theatrical spaces not only in Florence, but also in Tuscany and Italy.

Teatro Della Pergola

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Italy, Florence
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Teatro Della Pergola
  Via della Pergola, 12/32 - 50121 Firenze
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Teatro Della Pergola
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