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The Greek theater of Syracuse is a theater built in its first phase in the fifth century BC, located within the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, on the slopes on the south side of the Temenite hill and rebuilt in the third century BC. and again transformed into Roman times.

Teatro Greco di Siracusa History

The Greek Theater represents the greatest example of the theatrical architecture of the Greek West. It has the particularity of being almost entirely excavated in the rock.
In addition to the performances, as was the custom for the ancient Greeks, the theater was used for popular assemblies.

After being adapted to circus games in the imperial era, the theater fell into disrepair. In the 16th century, as well as the other classical monuments, it was plundered by the Spanish workers of Charles V who used the good cut stone to erect the fortifications of Ortigia. Other failures came from the mills that had been implanted in the cavea.
The excavations, which began in the late eighteenth century and continued throughout the following century, were completed only in the mid-twentieth century.
Despite the diversity, even substantial, of scholars' opinions on the genesis of the monument, it is generally accepted that the current form would go back to the renovation work of the years 238 - 215 BC. under the reign of Hieron II.

Since 1914 with the birth of the INDA, the scenic space of the Greek theater has been used mainly for the so-called "classical representations" of Greek tragedies and comedies, following the dictates of tradition. The performances, previously biennial, are one of the pride reasons for the Greek culture of the city.

Except for normal use within the circuit of visiting the Archaeological Area, the auditorium of the theater is occasionally used for concerts or official awards, however the theater has always been limited in its use due to its conservation and the delicacy of the stone.

In 2014 the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage authorized the use of the theater for summer shows of music, opera and dance

Teatro Greco di Siracusa

Time period
  • Ancient History
  • Italy, Syracuse
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Teatro Greco di Siracusa
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