Villa Barbaro

Via Cornuda, 7 - 31010 Maser - Treviso   see map - Contact
Villa Barbaro is situated, in an emerging position, on a slight slope that slopes towards the plain from the slopes of the hilly system extended to the north of the town of Maser.

Villa Barbaro History

The Villa was built by Andrea Palladio between 1550 and 1560 for Daniele Barbaro, Patriarch of Aquileia, and his brother Marcantonio Ambassador of the Republic of Venice.
For Palladio, it constitutes an important point of arrival in the definition of the new type of country building: for the first time, in fact, the dominican house and the barchesse are aligned in a compact architectural unit.
Built in a slightly elevated position, on a step created in the slope of the hill, it makes the level of the gardens coincide with that of both floors. The interior decoration, entrusted to Paolo Veronese for the frescoes and to Alessandro Vittoria for the stuccos, underlines in an exemplary way, with allegories and symbolic scenes, the harmony that must reign between man and nature.
It was the Friulian industrialist Sante Giacomelli who bought it in 1850, restored it and renewed it, making use of the work of artists such as Zanotti and Moretto Larese. During the First World War, the command of General Squillaci was located in the Villa. Army batteries fired from the hills beyond the Piave, but the Villa miraculously remained unscathed.
In 1934 it was acquired by Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, who entrusted it to the care of his daughter Marina, who fell in love with it, settled there, and continued over the years the restoration work. The Villa is currently inhabited by her daughter and her family
In 1996 it was declared by UNESCO, a World Heritage Site. It can be reached with a short walk along the Giazzèra vineyard, so called for the ancient ice house excavated in the hill in front.

Villa Barbaro

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Italy, Treviso
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Villa Barbaro
  Via Cornuda, 7 - 31010 Maser
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Villa Barbaro
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