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The Guglhof, built in 1641 by a councilor from Hallein, has been home to the Guglhof distillery for generations. The distillery, located in the historic town of Hallein, is the oldest distillery in the country. The family business, now in its fourth generation, is managed by Anton Vogl and his two sons.

Brennerei Guglhof History

The oldest distillery in the country is located in the old saltworks town of Hallein. The Guglhof was built in 1641 by a councilor from Hallein as an estate. In the ancient walls, the distillery has been family-run for generations and has its origins in the tradition of the rural distillery.

In 2004 the agricultural building of the Guglhof, whose origins date back to 1530, was renovated at great expense. The distillery, which had existed for generations and until 2004 was located in another building in the court complex, has been moved to this historic building. Several functions of the company are enclosed in a clear plan: the walls partially dissolved in the glass give the visitor an overview of the production process.

Appreciate and protect nature and the environment and create high quality products: these are the requirements of the Guglhof distillery. The basis of vintage spirits are exclusively ripe and fresh fruit of old types of fruit. These are obtained from contractual partners in the area.

A very elaborate distillation process is used: the double distillation is carried out with care in small copper stills. Sugar is not added to either the must or the distillate. In general, the liqueurs and brandies of the Guglhof distillery do not contain aromatic additives. The years of conservation of the distillates guarantee the harmonization of taste.

Subsequently, the noble grappas are limited and filled in bottles specially designed for the Guglhof. Spirits are very popular far beyond the borders of Austria and numerous prizes and awards testify to the exceptional quality of Guglhof spirits

Brennerei Guglhof

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Austria, Hallein
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Brennerei Guglhof
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Brennerei Guglhof
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