Castello di Cassacco

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The castle stands at the southern end of a hill that slopes towards the plain, near Trigesimo, and is visible from the Pontebbana road.

Castello di Cassacco History

The current construction consists of two equal towers, quadrangular, three-storey, with protruding battlements supported by hanging arches and covered by roof tiles, connected to each other by a central body harmoniously inserted, with the façade with three round arches. A walled enclosure, which is supported by rustic buildings of recent construction, surrounds the entire complex and, between the castle and the courtyard, the remains of the moat are visible. Outside the second enclosure there is a small sixteenth century church, with a seventeenth-century expansion with a rectangular plan with two sides on the sides for the side altars.

The earliest records of the manor date back to the year 1202, concerning the stop of Count Enghelberto di Gorizia at the castle. The non-strategic position made it unimportant in the medieval period, and was marginally involved in the events of arms of the period and thanks to this the structure was not damaged, to present itself today in all its authenticity of the castle. It belonged to the Lords of Montegnacco, later it became a fiefdom before the della Torre and then the Savorgnan della Bandiera in 1338 on the concession of the Patriarch Bertrando, in 1466 it was sold to the Lords of Montegnacco and held by them until 1947.

According to a legend, which has not yet found evidence, the Cassacco complex would be connected with an underground tunnel to the castle of nearby Tricesimo, for over a century belonged to the same family of Montegnacco, from which you could have access going down for forty steps.

Castello di Cassacco

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Udine
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Castello di Cassacco
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Castello di Cassacco
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