La Brunelde Domus Magna

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Brunelde Domus Magna is a historic home near Fagagna, a fascinating treasure trove of traditions and history of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

La Brunelde Domus Magna History

Brunelde Domus Magna is located in the hills of Friuli in the village of Fagagna, in the province of Udine. Here in ancient times stood a Roman outpost near the road that led "Ad Silanos". Later, during the medieval period, a tower-house was built on those ancient remains. Already in 1208 appears among the first documents concerning the assets of which the accounts of Arcano (or Tricano as they were known then were invested).

During the XIV century the tower-house was enlarged with palisades, reinforcements to the walls and widening the moat. From 1498 the structure is affected by the new trend that will lead to the emergence of many suburban houses: Giovanni Nicolò d'Arcano, wanting to turn it into a residence of Renaissance taste, makes build two large blocks to the east and west of the fourteenth century, almost to triple the original volume, however respecting a division between the elegant and purely agricultural environments.

  Thanks to a meticulous restoration work done in the 80s of the last century, today is an elegant maison de charme restored to its ancient beauty. Brunelde Domus Magna is thus a perfect marriage between ancient and modern, where 800 years of history and the most modern comforts coexist in harmony. The rooms, furnished with simple taste, are enriched with antique furniture, stone walls, terracotta floors and ceilings with wooden beams. The maison has only three guest rooms but equipped with every service, to give an authentic experience and relive the history of Friuli.

In the atrium there are various frescoes inspired by the Aeneid and in the kitchen are preserved old furnishings and a gravy rotisserie dating back to the sixteenth century; we also find the arms corridor and a small eighteenth-century style hall. On the third floor the great hall, with paintings of the fifteenth century and a precious fortepiano.

La Brunelde Domus Magna

Time period
  • 1400s
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Udine
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La Brunelde Domus Magna
  Via Casali Florit, 2 - 33040 Fagana
  +39 0434 738224

La Brunelde Domus Magna
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