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The Circolo Artistico Tunnel is a gentlemen's club in Genoa born in 1891 from the merger between the "Società del Tunnel" and the "Circolo Artistico" hosted in the Gio Battista Spinola Palace in Via Garibaldi.

Circolo Artistico Tunnel History

The Circolo Artistico Tunnel is a private club that includes among its members people belonging mainly to the professional and entrepreneurial reality of Genoa.

The origin of the club dates back to 1 July 1875, when the Tunnel Company was founded, which was based in Via Carlo Felice 9 (now Via XXV Aprile).
The name of this partnership could refer to the construction of the Frejus tunnel, a very daring work inaugurated in 1871. This railway tunnel, at the time the longest in the world, aroused great enthusiasm and confidence in progress. His general rehearsal had taken place in 1856 in Sampierdarena, in the locality of Coscia, in the presence of Cavour, when a new technological tool was experimented, the compressed air drill.

An alternative hypothesis leads the name of the club to the Galleria Traversata, which since 1872 has connected the Principe and Brignole stations. This gallery, which was certainly considered a work of great modernity and usefulness at the time, is still fundamental for the entire railway junction of Genoa.

At the origin of the current Circle there is also the Artistic Circle, founded on January 15, 1882.
The first venue, on the main floor of Palazzo Antoniotto Cattaneo (later Negrotto Cambiaso) in Piazza della Nunziata, was inaugurated on March 20, 1882 with a large party during which the famous violinist Teresina Tua also performed; the newspapers of the time gave ample news of the event and Nicolò Bacigalupo, then treasurer of the Club, eternalized it in verse with one of his poetic operas from 1883.

In 1889 the Artistic Circle moved to the noble floor of Palazzo Giorgio Spinola, also known as Palazzo Tedeschi, at n. 4 climb Santa Caterina. The new headquarters was equipped with a rich library, pianos, luxurious carpets, antique furniture, ornaments and art objects, as well as benches and accessories for the drawing school; offering, in practice, the members the opportunity to become art lovers themselves.

From the merger between the Tunnel Society and the Artistic Circle, on 18 December 1891, the Circolo Artistico Tunnel was born
The new partnership remained initially at Palazzo Tedeschi; only 1894 he moved to Palazzo Gerolamo Pallavicini in Via Carlo Felice 12 and, therefore, in 1930, to Palazzo Angelo Giovanni Spinola in Via Garibaldi 5, where he remained for almost 80 years.
From July 2009 he moved to Palazzo Gio Battista Spinola, after a careful and complete restoration of the premises that currently house the club.

Among the historical partners, illustrious names such as Giuseppe Verdi, Giulio Monteverde, Camillo Sivori, Nicolò Barabino and Alfredo D’Andrade stand out.

Circolo Artistico Tunnel

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Genoa
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Circolo Artistico Tunnel
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Circolo Artistico Tunnel
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