Abbazia di San Fruttuoso

Via S. Fruttuoso, 13 - 16032 Camogli - Genoa   see map - Contact
The abbey of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte is a Catholic place of worship located in the bay of the municipality of Camogli, within the terrestrial and marine park of Monte di Portofino. The abbey is dedicated to Saint Fruttuoso of Tarragona, bishop and Catalan saint of the third century, whose ashes are kept in the abbey, where they would have been transferred following the Arab invasion of the Iberian Peninsula. In its bay there is the famous statue of Christ of the abyss, placed in 1954 on the seabed and restored in the nineties. Since 1983 the abbey has been part of the architectural heritage of the Italian Environment Fund, thanks to the donation of the owners Frank and Orietta Pogson Doria Pamphilj.

Abbazia di San Fruttuoso History

Skirting the Natural Park that leads from Camogli to Portofino, it appears like a miracle, set in a small inlet protected by a sixteenth-century tower, an architecture so happily integrated with its natural context. Yet precisely the inaccessibility of the place and the presence of a source of water made it, in the eighth century AD, an ideal site for the foundation of a church. According to legend, it was the martyr Fruttuoso himself who chose the bay, indicating it in a dream to Prospero, bishop of Tarragona, to escape the Arab invasion of Spain, he took refuge in the bay building a church there to preserve the relics of the martyr San Fruttuoso.

Rebuilt in the 10th century as a Benedictine monastery, from the 13th century the Abbey intertwined its fortunes with those of the Doria family who modified its structure, with the addition of a plan and transferring the family burial ground here, until, in 1983, he decided to donate the entire complex to FAI.

Since then, the rebirth of this complex articulated on bodies with very different characteristics and in need of constant care is underway and in April 2017 saw the completion of the last restorations that freed and enhanced the spring on which it was built. the tower.

In the rooms of the monastic complex, a restoration completed in the nineties has brought to light the ancient Romanesque structures, therefore a museum dedicated to the history of the abbey has been set up. In several display cases the table ceramics are exhibited, discovered in a deposit of the monastery and of various geographical origins, used by the monks from the thirteenth to the fourteenth century.

 The monastery, with its cloister, the primitive church, the archaeological finds and the small village, is worth a visit to discover the authentic soul of this place lapped by a spectacular crystal clear sea, which also offers the visitor the unprecedented opportunity to stay. in the Charme del Bene Residence, ideal for those seeking an escape from the world.

The spaces of the Abbey can accommodate receptions for weddings, conferences and dinners for companies, exhibitions, presentations of books and products, private events of various kinds, immersed in the silence of nature in the enchanting setting of the bay.

In its bay there is the famous statue of Christ of the abyss, placed in 1954 on the seabed and restored in the nineties

Abbazia di San Fruttuoso

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Genoa
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Abbazia di San Fruttuoso
  Via S. Fruttuoso, 13 - 16032 Camogli
  +39 0185 772703

Abbazia di San Fruttuoso
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