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The Forte Maso is located in Valli del Pasubio, in the province of Vicenza, at 800 m altitude. Built between 1883 and 1887 in a strategic position to defend the Pian delle Fugazze pass from the possible invasions of the Habsburgs in the Italian territories, today it extends in an area comprising the fort, 4 bunkers placed at a variable distance between 400 and 800 meters and a restaurant where you can savor typical local specialties in an environment rich in history and vicissitudes, surrounded by unspoiled nature and breathtaking views.

Forte Maso History

After the Treaty of Vienna of 1866 and the subsequent annexation of the Veneto to the Kingdom of Italy, it immediately became evident that the new boundaries with the Austro-Hungarian Empire were protected with adequate structures: it is in this context that the Maso Fort was built between 1883 and 1887 with the task of supervising and possibly striking with their own artillery any invaders who had traveled the road that connected, today as then, the cities of Rovereto and Schio, leads to the heart of the Italian plain. A fortified bomb-proof building, equipped with six cannons and four howitzers with a shot facing Val Canale and towards Pian delle Fugazze, several armored casemates and a total of 80 rooms.

During the second war, Forte Maso suffered human aggression: the fort became a source of income for the property that sold to the citizens of nearby towns many materials as part of the roofing or stone floors to build or repair private buildings. To this is added the fact that for a long time the structure was left in a state of neglect and used as a shelter for animals or storage of tools. Thanks to the help of volunteers, the rooms and interior spaces, freed from debris and reusable after restoration interventions, are today a new life and in the future a "MumM" museum (Museo Monte Maso) is planned, where Non-permanent exhibits, a library, a meeting room and conference rooms will be available.

At the Forte there is a refreshment area, where the mountain lover, the history enthusiast or the simple tourist will find a simple and genuine cuisine, where the local specialties follow the seasonality of the products: tradition and flavors come together in a context from the breathtaking views, to the north the Pasubio massif and from the south side the peaks of Monte Novegno, Monte Civillina and Monte Enna.

Forte Maso

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Vicenza
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Forte Maso
  Via Forte Maso, 1 - 36030 Valli del Pasubio
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Forte Maso
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