Fortezza di Bardi

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Austere and impregnable, the Fortress of Bardi is perched on a rocky spur from the ninth century. Currently home to the Museum of Valligiana Civilization, the Museum of Poaching and the Archaeological Museum of Valle del Ceno.

Fortezza di Bardi History

Perched for over a thousand years on a spur of red jasper, the Fortress of Bardi is presented today as a time similar to centuries ago, austere and impressive. Among the castles of Parma, Bardi is certainly the best preserved: the structure reflects the typical organization of a fortress, with a torture hall, prisons and wide walkways.

Strategically located at the crossroads between Val Noveglia and Val Ceno, the fortress rests on a gigantic spur of red jasper, a rock known for its vermilion veins. The whole complex is therefore strongly influenced by the rocky conformation and the architectural structure almost seems to merge with it.

The origins of the fort go back in the centuries far from the barbarian invasions but in the first documents in which it is mentioned the existence date back to 869 AD. Originally built as a defense against barbarous raids, it is with the Landi's dominion that the structure is completed and expanded, also assuming a function of noble residence. In 1682 with the extinction of the Landi family, the fief passed to the Farnese family and later to the Bourbons. After a period of decadence in the nineteenth century, the structure was used as a military prison, the seat of the court and the municipality, until a recovery began in the 60s.

The castle has never been altered over the centuries but has never lost its original appearance: the ancient keep stands out from the rest of the complex, surrounded by ramparts with an irregularly shaped round path that follows the shape of the rocky spur.

The interior includes buildings, the arcade of honor, the well, the glacier, the barns, the prisons, the torture hall and the parade ground. The former soldiers' quarters now house the Museo della Civiltà Valligiana, while inside there is the new Museum of Fauna and Poaching.

The fortress can become a perfect space for receptions and banquets, but also for exhibitions and conferences: rooms of different sizes are available, prepared with light systems and equipment, while the medieval tavern and the loggia courtyard are the ideal location for dinners and receptions in an elegant and charming atmosphere.

Fortezza di Bardi

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Parma
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Fortezza di Bardi
  Piazza Castello, - 43032 Bardi
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Fortezza di Bardi
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