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Lambergh Chateau & Hotel is located in the village of Dvorska in the Gorenjska region. In an intimate atmosphere and surrounded by the idyllic forest landscape, the hotel and chateau are the perfect place for a romantic getaway, a relaxing weekend or corporate event as well as a wedding reception. Both outside and inside the Château, most of the original structures have been preserved and perfectly restored, such as the many stone details, the very rare stained glass windows, the priceless antique furniture, the wooden ceiling, up to the "queen" of the villa: a stone staircase dating back to 1500.

Lambergh Château & Hotel History

The history of the manor house where today is hosted Chateau Lambergh dates back to the beginning of the year 1000, as written documents found in the archives of heraldry and land registers of that time show. At that time the former country manor house was transformed and enlarged into a villa by Iwan of Zgoša (from 1050 to 1065).

After several changes of ownership, five centuries later the new owner, Jacob II of the Lamberg Counts, renovated the building and transformed it into a luxurious Renaissance villa similar to how the Chateau looks today. Thanks to a long renovation, which was completed in 2011, the original wooden ceilings and stone staircase, as well as the memorial plaque in memory of Jacob II, can once again be seen.

He was famous for his adventurous but also charitable life (he founded the Order of the Golden Cross), and one of his uncles, Kristof Lamberg, is still mentioned in the popular ballad "Pegam and Lambergar": he, under the orders of the Austrian Emperor, defeated the Czech invader Pegam in the famous battle of Vienna.

But surely the most fascinating story concerns the Barons Josephine and Raoul Baillou who lived in the chateau during the Second World War and who did their best to make life less hard for the oppressed population: of Czech origin, cultured and well-liked by all thanks to her offices to free prisoners and partisans, to Josephine was dedicated the most beautiful suite of the chateau, while to her husband, a native of Carnia, distinguished scholar and philosopher (he is remembered for his theological studies) is dedicated another in which was located his study.

The Lambergh Hotel is a recent construction (2009) that consists of 32 modern rooms and 2 original suites. The recent renovation has further improved the already high standards of comfort and wanted to integrate new services: a wellness center complete with saunas and swimming pool, a fine restaurant and a cozy cafeteria always open. It also has 4 modern meeting rooms where you can organize your conferences, in a quiet and easy to reach environment.

Located on the ground floor of Hotel Lambergh, from its large windows you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Julian Prealps while you indulge in one of our exclusive relaxation and wellness treatments. It features a swimming pool with whirlpool, solarium, Turkish saunas and private massage rooms.

An integral part of the structure is the magnificent secular park preserved as it was at the end of 1700. Guests can freely enjoy this "living sculpture" that the best European gardeners of the last centuries have patiently cared for, thanks to the geometric arrangement of trees and shrubs, flowers, stone and wood bridges near the two ponds, statues and the newly restored pavilion for receptions.

Lambergh Château & Hotel

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Slovenia, Kranj
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Lambergh Château & Hotel
  Dvorska vas, 37s - 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem
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Lambergh Château & Hotel
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