Monastero di San Daniele

Via S. Daniele, 50 - 35031 Abano Terme - Padua   see map - Contact
The monastery of San Daniele, dating back to the 11th century, is located in Abano Terme, on a small hill in the Euganean hills.

Monastero di San Daniele History

The construction of the Monastery of San Daniele dates back to the years 1076-1079 Surrounded by tall cypress trees, the monastery dates back indicatively to the period 1076-1078, when it was built by the "Lords of Montagnon". The hill was owned by the family and, after the accidental discovery of the body of St. Daniel of Padua in 1075 in the basilica of Santa Giustina, the Lords decided to build a small church and a monastery dedicated to the martyr deacon.

 Initially entrusted to a community of Benedictine monks, the building passed in 1461 to the Canons Regular of S. Salvatore who resided there until 1771, the year in which it was purchased by the lawyer Federico Todeschini of Venice. The property became the dowry of his daughter Elisabetta, the only heir of the family, when he married the Count Bartolomeo Bonomi in 1832. Some changes were made to the monastic building to make it a comfortable and elegant summer residence.

From 24 May 1948 the ancient monastery returned to being a house of prayer, hosting a community of Benedictine nuns from Rijeka. The following years, until 1958, were hectic for the works of arrangement and maintenance of the premises to adapt them to the needs and the regular lifestyle of the community.

Monastero di San Daniele

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Padua
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Monastero di San Daniele
  Via S. Daniele, 50 - 35031 Abano Terme
  +39 049 8669149

Monastero di San Daniele
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