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The Società of the Pedrocchi Casino is a gentleman's club established in 1855 in Padua, with offices in the Caffè Pedrocchi Halls. The club was subsequently hosted at Palazzo Zavarella and from 1999 until today it is located in Palazzo Orsato Lazara Giusti del Giardino

Società del Casino Pedrocchi History

Over 150 years ago, in the upper rooms of the famous Caffè Padovano, the Società of the Pedrocchi Casino was born, as stated in the art. 2 of the regulation, has as its purpose "the conversation, reading, games and other entertainment such as dance, academies ..." and as members "people, whose honest life and educated manners offer homogeneity security in social life ".

Among the names of the first members appear the exponents of the upper bourgeoisie and the aristocracy of Padua: from Emo Capodilista to Giustiniani, from arrigoni to Brunello Bonetti, from Cappello ai de Lazara, Manzoni, Trieste, Jacur Vita.

So the Casino Pedrocchi sees the years passing not only between social events, concerts, gala dinners or the magnificent Carnival dances, but also through the great events of the city, like the inaugurations of the Petrarchan festivals of 1878 for the 500th anniversary of the poet's death. at the Decade of the Battle of Piave in 1928 or the Centenary of the Caffè Pedrocchi of 1911. Sovereigns, princes, nobles, senators and deputies do not pass from Padua without being honored by the Circle: in 1903 Vittorio Emanuele III with Queen Elena, son Umberto II in 1927, Aimone di Savoia 1938.

It was in 1938 that the club, accused of being hostile to the regime, was forcibly closed and reopened only in 1949 in the new headquarters of Palazzo Zabarella, where it will remain until 1988. Finally, from 1999 to the present day, the company found seat at Palazzo Orsato in via S. Francesco.

Società del Casino Pedrocchi

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Società del Casino Pedrocchi
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