Villa Foscarini Rossi

Via Doge Pisani, 1 - 30039 Stra - Venice   see map - Contact
In Stra, not far from Venice and Padua, along the banks of the river Brenta, stands Villa Foscarini Rossi, a seventeenth-century architectural complex consisting of 3 buildings.

Villa Foscarini Rossi History

The whole was built in the late '500 by the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi at the behest of the noble Venetian Foscarini family. In the neoclassical period the manor house was remodeled by the architect Giuseppe Jappelli whose pupils frescoed the "gothic" and the "egyptian" rooms.
Today, after a careful restoration, the halls of the manor house have become a museum of footwear, those of the guesthouse are animated by aggregative events of different kinds, while the old Stables have been transformed into a private home. The Foresteria consists of a large central hall, the original nucleus of the structure, to which the two alteral wings have been placed side by side. The prestigious Salone delle Feste, which once housed dances and receptions, was decorated in 1652 by several artists, including Domenico Bruni and Pietro Liberi on the occasion of the marriage of Zambattista Foscarini with a Soranzo.
Today, as before, the Salone, with its 170 square meters of space, can accommodate up to a number of 200 guests, who with the help of the side rooms can extend up to 350. Thanks in fact to the modern equipment of which the structure is equipped, you can set up rooms for different situations (conventions, meetings, gala dinners, cocktails and concerts) that allow guests to enjoy the multi-purpose spaces.
At the show there are two side wings joined by an imposing portico, where in the summer season cocktails, breakfasts or concerts can be hosted. The large attic, which can hold up to 450 people, is characterized by powerful trusses and ovoid windows and serves as the ideal setting for exhibitions, exhibitions and social occasions.
Inside the park, large tensile structures can be found at events for more than 1000 participants, facilitated also by the large internal parking.

Villa Foscarini Rossi

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Italy, Venice
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Villa Foscarini Rossi
  Via Doge Pisani, 1 - 30039 Stra
  +39 049 9800335

Villa Foscarini Rossi
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