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Rich in history: the mill has been talked about since 1405 when it supplied the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Abbey of Sesto to the Reghena of the Benedictine monks; in more recent times in 1881 the Nievo set the small town "Il Varmo".

In 1968 the Molino di Glaunicco was set on fire. Now completely abandoned and reduced to poor condition, the Molino was purchased in 1968 by the Del Negro family. The first entrepreneurial challenge was to transform the Molino into a restaurant. After being renovated with the layout and structures preserved, Il Molino was officially opened to the public in 1985.

Immersed in the greenery and lapped by the fresh and crystalline waters of the sources of the Varmo river, so as to make you dream of the peaceful serenity of times gone by, the restaurant offers its guests the best selection of local products and 0 km, artisanal salami, fresh pasta and homemade desserts.

Time period
  • 1400s
  • Italy, Udine
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  Località Molino, 4 - 33030 Camino al Tagliamento
  +39 0432 919357

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