Schloss Wasserleonburg

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Schloss Wasserleonburg is located in the wide Gail valley at the foot of the Dobratsch Of medieval origins in its most ancient parts, today it can be rented to host parties and events in its rooms full of charm and history

Schloss Wasserleonburg History

The predecessor building of the castle, which was located east of the present complex, was first mentioned in documents in 1253 as a fief of Bamberg and referred to as "castle of the lions", "Lewenburch" or "Leumburg", which does also referring to the Nötscher coat of arms. The castle was badly damaged by the earthquake of 1348. The earthquake also caused a landslide on the Dobratsch, after which the Gail crashed under the castle into an elongated lake; probably the name "Wasserleonburg" was born as a result of this event.

In the second half of the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries, a new building was built, the oldest part of today's plant is the keep in the eastern wing. In 1522 the merchant Wilhelm von Neumann of Villach bought the kingdom of Wasserleonburg with all his possessions as magistrates, liberties, fish pastures etc. From the brothers Hans, Andrä and Christoph von Ungnad Herren zu Sonnegg. Anna von Liechtenstein, born Neumanin, inherited the property after her mother in 1572, which she managed for fifty years. After his death, Wasserleonburg came after a decade of inheritance in 1635 to his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Georg Philipp Proy of Burgwalden.

The oldest components of the plant were in the 16th century. Significant is the façade of the late mannerist courtyard, which was built around 1650. The chapel dates back to the years around 1753/54 and was built at the same time as the very decorative horse stable, which today serves as a representative hall for events. Noteworthy is the Renaissance court and the castle chapel. From June 5 to September 7, 1937, retired British king Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor) and his wife Wallis Simpson spent their honeymoon here.

Wasserleonburg is privately owned and can be visited for groups by appointment. Castle courtyard, chapel, dining room and outbuildings are rented for events.

Schloss Wasserleonburg

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Villach
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Schloss Wasserleonburg
  Saak, 1 - 9611 Nötsch im Gailtal
  +43 4256 2141

Schloss Wasserleonburg
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