Schloss Greifenburg

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Schloss Greifenburg is a charming complex surrounded by the lush Carinthian hills dating back to 1166, carefully restored, rented for events and celebrations as well as artistic and cultural events.

Schloss Greifenburg History

The existence of Greifenburg is witnessed in the Carinthian Provincial Archive for the first half of the 12th century. After the custom of the time, the then lords of the castle in 1166 to their names and their castle in a certificate a. Like de Grifenberc they also painted under the dukes of Carinthia and Tyrol.

Greifenburg has a changing history with sieges, destruction and betrayal: the counts of Görz have been fighting for centuries for supremacy in this border region between Carinthia and Tyrol. Meinhard IV von Görz, as one of Tyrol called also Meinhard II of Tyrol, was held in the walls of the castle during his youth and died in November 1295 at Schloss Greifenburg. In 1335 Greifenburg with the duchies of Carinthia and Carniola fell to the Habsburgs, who passed the kingdom of Greifenburg as feudal lords to the names of Austrian aristocracy: the counts of Gorizia, von Walsee, von Wolkenstein - Rodenegg, von Ortenburg, von Kronegg went up to the castle Greifenburg from 1676 under the eminent accounts and princes Orsini-Rosenberg was able to experience almost three centuries more stable conditions.

Schloss Greifenburg was until 1971 - most recently with the district court Greifenburg - also seat of the jurisdiction. Since 1942, Schloss Greifenburg has been in civil possession. Renovations after the Second World War and the period of occupation, in which allied troops were housed in the castle, redevelopment plans and some unrealized projects, the castle fell into a sleep of decades, from which it was gently awakened in recent years.

Today the privately owned Schloss Greifenburg is presented as a carefully restored historical place, rented for parties and celebrations, as well as artistic, cultural and information events. Relaxation and tranquility can be found in the apartments of the guests of the owner's family for a few days - because behind thick walls, which look back on such a long history, the clocks - unimpressed by the fast pace of our times - are different.

Schloss Greifenburg

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Spittal an der Drau
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Schloss Greifenburg
  Schloßgasse, 1 - 9761 Greifenburg
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Schloss Greifenburg
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