Castello di Marostica

Via Cansignorio della Scala, 4/A - 36063 Marostica - Vicenza   see map - Contact
With the castle of Marostica we mean the whole of the two castles, the Upper Castle and the Lower Castle, joined by a city wall, about 1800 meters long. From the top of the Pausolino hill, the Castello Superiore di Marostica is one of the most spectacular Venetian horizons. As for the Fortress of Asolo, the history of these places is lost in the mists of time: a long system of castles punctuated every hill in the domain of what was the most important way of communication between the Palio and Veneto close to the first foothills of the foothills. In Roman times, to demonstrate its importance, the 'Marostegana' street, better known as the "road of wool", from Padua led directly to the town dominated by a castle, gateway to the Asiago plateau.

Castello di Marostica History

With the conquest by the Scaliger of Vicenza territory in 1311, the territory of Marostica also came under the rule of Cangrande della Scala. With Cangrande the urban redefinition process of the city is started, with the displacement of the historical center passing from the ancient village, from the Roman and medieval age, to the current intramural center.
The Inferior Castle, of rectangular plan, is a typical castle-enclosure built next to an imposing Mastio. The Upper Castle - with a square base with four torres on the sides and a large central tower - stands on a much longer tower: on the highest point of the Pausolino hill, where it is located, it was built in Roman times fortification, also used in medieval times. The castle, as it appears today, was erected shortly after the year 1000 and with the walls, like a hug, envelops the citadel which is located just below the first flat strip and joins the Lower Castle.
It changed hands, for political or warlike events, to all the dominant lordships in that effervescent period of history between feudalism and free communes. Finally, from the fifteenth century, with the land dominion of the Serenissima lost all military importance and, like all the walled towns of the upper Veneto, it became an important agricultural and commercial center. With the recent restoration, what remains of these fascinating walls is rightly enhanced without exceeding in reconstructions.

Inside the castle, developed on two floors with large halls suitable for any type of occasion, the Castello Superiore Restaurant is located, for over forty years a reference point for lovers of cooking visiting Marostica. Venetian and classic cuisine of both meat and fish to be enjoyed in elegant environments, or in the summer outdoors, in the front of the restaurant, where tables are placed of those lucky few who can, having dinner by candlelight, be caressed by the summer breeze that makes its way through the fortified walls.

Castello di Marostica

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Vicenza
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Castello di Marostica
  Via Cansignorio della Scala, 4/A - 36063 Marostica
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Castello di Marostica
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