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Gösser is a beer produced by the Göss brewery in the small town of Leoben in Austria. In the Middle Ages, it was already known as the beer produced in the abbey of Göss in Styria, we are sure thanks to the documents that the master brewer issued dating back to 1459.

Gösser History

Around the year 1000, Countess Adula founded a monastery on agricultural land on both sides of the Mur, in which - in the tradition of the old days - beer was brewed by the nuns.

In 1495 a "Pierprewer" named Lenhart Newmaister is also mentioned in a document.
Until its abolition in 1782, the Göss Monastery was the cultural and economic center of the area.

The tradition of brewing beer in the monastery buildings resumed when in 1860 the brewer and entrepreneur Max Kober acquired parts of the monastery and reactivated the monastery brewery. This important year for Gösser is still marked on the labels today.

With the establishment of an AG in 1893, Max Kober laid the foundations for the development of one of the most important breweries in Austria.

With the development of the pasteurization process and the use of crown caps in the 1920s, Gösser also began his triumphal march outside Austria.

The two world wars meant production drops and setbacks for the Gösser brewery, but after the brewery was rebuilt, Gösser gave a clear example of its strength: at the gala dinner for the signing of the Austrian State Treaty in 1955, Gösser Spezial was served.

Strengthened by this impressive symbol, Gösser has continued his path of success - to this day. The Göss Brewery, the birthplace of the best Austrian beer, is now one of the most modern breweries in the country.


Time period
  • 1400s
  • Austria, Leoben
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