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Already in the 13th century there was a fortress on the steep rock in St. Gallen. The Benedictines of Admont fled to this protective castle when the monastery was no longer safe enough from a war point of view. Once the seat of the administration of the Gallensteiner government and home to this noble family until 1831, Gallenstein Castle is today in partial ruin. The ruins of Gallenstein Castle are a popular destination and host many concerts and exhibitions, as well as the annual St. Gallen Festival.

Burgruine Gallenstein History

The three-towered fortress was first mentioned in 1278 and was the center of the Gallenstein domain. Until the end of the 19th century it was a refuge and the administrative seat of the Admont Abbey, founded in 1074.

In order to save the roof tax, like many other castles, the ruined castle Rauhenstein, covered in the 19th century with a copper roof and sold to a coppersmith.

It was only in 1950 that the reconstruction of the castle ruins began. The Styrian Castles Association was the patron saint of the countryside. The castle has become a popular destination. The steep "Old Castle Path" through a difficult to negotiate forecourt makes it clear why the castle was never conquered during acts of war. The new castle path, which can also be traveled by vehicles, leads through a tunnel that did not exist in the Middle Ages.

The castle complex is dominated by a large keep. Parapets and external walls have been covered. A gate tower with a rectangular roof secured the entrance. The keep and the gate tower have been preserved, the battlements and agricultural buildings have not.

The castle has three Gothic towers with a square plan, typical of the Alpine villages, the "red", "gray" and "white" towers. The ramparts are covered to provide protection against arrow fire. The remains of Gothic tracery of the former castle chapel have been preserved since the early days of the castle.

A cultural festival takes place in the castle courtyard every summer.

Burgruine Gallenstein

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Liezen
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Burgruine Gallenstein
  St. Gallen, 86 - 8933 St. Gallen

Burgruine Gallenstein
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