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Although born as a hospital, in the past Palazzo Leopoldo was the cradle of the local nobility and beyond, as is repeatedly mentioned in historical documents. During the renovation this legacy was not lost, so much so that today the building can be considered to all intents and purposes one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Chianti. Many of the rooms have been restored in their original version in order to continue to give the guests of the building the feeling of splendor experienced in the past. The luxury of the hotel is then manifested in the rooms, the spacious suites where everything has been chosen to enhance truly unique environments.

Palazzo Leopoldo History

Palazzo Leopoldo, located in the medieval center of Radda, immersed in the green countryside of Chianti, is spread over two adjacent and majestic structures, a patrician villa from 1310 and the historic Palazzo Beccari, already belonging to the same property. The nineteenth-century style villa is still a fascinating testimony of the medieval Tuscan period. The building dates back to 1300, although there are references to historical archives from the late 1200s. The house was born as a "hospital", as evidenced by documents dated 1434. Pilgrims received assistance and refuge there during their religious journeys.

Palazzo Beccari was instead the seat of the historic Vignavecchia winery until a few years ago, which has been producing wine since 1876 thanks to the passion of Odoardo Beccari, a well-known Florentine explorer, zoologist and botanist of the time.
Both houses were owned by the Minucci family. This authoritative family from Radda in Chianti came to such a power as to manage the production of 24 farms in the Chianti area. Very often power and culture advance together: nobles, dukes, rich people and aristocrats began to frequent this environment, giving it a certain charm and a touch of class that is still present in all the rooms and halls. Words carved in marble recall the presence of the Archduke of Tuscany Leopold II in 1837, of the Lorraine family, and closer to our days, the stay of the Prince of Italy, Umberto di Savoia in 1945.

Traces of this splendor are still present in Palazzo Leopoldo: the large spaces that characterize the House, the frescoes, the terracotta floors, the fireplaces, the original 18th century kitchen and the private internal chapel. After a careful restoration, aimed exclusively at preserving the signs of past glories, Palazzo Leopoldo has become a prestigious hotel, where it is possible to spend a special and unique holiday. Special for its atmosphere steeped in history and ancient splendor, unique because it is immersed in the picturesque Chianti countryside, the heart of Tuscany. This special liaison between history and nature makes Palazzo Leopoldo a place where guests can truly breathe the spirit of Tuscany, which has always been appreciated and loved all over the world for its political and artistic history and for its natural beauty.

Inside the building there are also a restaurant, a wine shop, a wellness center and a Spa, thus allowing guests to have at their disposal everything that makes a stay in this prestigious historic residence truly exceptional.

Palazzo Leopoldo

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Siena
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Palazzo Leopoldo
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Palazzo Leopoldo
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