Schloss Niederweiden

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Schloss Niederweiden is a 17th century baroque palace located in Engelhartstetten in Marchfeld, in the district of Gänserndorf. Available for events, celebrations and events.

Schloss Niederweiden History

Schloss Niederweiden was built in 1693 by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach for Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg with the name of Jagdschloss Engelhartstetten. In 1725, the castle was acquired by Prince Eugene of Savoy. He received his current appearance under Maria Teresa around 1765 by court architect Nikolaus Pacassi. The paintings in the banquet hall are by Jean-Baptiste Pillement. From 1945 there was a growing decline of the castle. It has been restored since 1980 and today serves as a. as a location for exhibitions and events. In 2016, for example, Niederweiden Castle will be one of the four exhibition sites for the centenary of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph. In the former Habsburg summer palace, exhibits on the theme of hunting and leisure are shown as part of the special show. The Niederweiden castle has 15 elegant rooms, including a baroque kitchen from the time of Prince Eugene that can be rented for private parties and celebrations, as well as for meetings and conferences.

Schloss Niederweiden

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Austria, Gänserndorf
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Schloss Niederweiden
  Niederweiden, 1 - 2292 Niederweiden,
  +43 2285 20000

Schloss Niederweiden
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