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A few kilometers from Vienna is Schloss Rohrau, a building jewel that contains one of the most famous private collections in Austria. In 1524 it came into the possession of the Harrach family, which over the years transformed it into one of Austria's most beautiful country castles. It was the residence of the Harrach family until 1945. It was lovingly restored after the post-war destruction and from 1970 it is the home of the Harrach family's private gallery, which was built by family members over the centuries.

Schloss Rohrau History

The Harrach counts are among the famous families of the Austrian monarchy. As friends and advisers of the imperial family, as influential diplomats and ecclesial principles, one as viceroy of Naples, they model and determine the politics of the empire. Their residences are furnished by the most important artists of the time, and again and again their preference is for the great masters of painting. From Madrid, Naples, the Netherlands, hundreds of paintings are brought to Austria. Housed in Rohrau, the family's historic manor, along with lavish furnishings and rich craftsmanship, the Gemäldegalerie is one of the world's leading private collections - over 450 years old.

Schloss Rohrau

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Austria, Bruck an der Leitha
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Schloss Rohrau
  Schloss Rohrau, 1 - 2471 Rohrau
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Schloss Rohrau
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