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Zillertal Bier is a medium-sized brewery whose history dates back to the 1500s, when it was still known under the name Polsingerhaus. The old brewery, used until recently, was built in 1734. Today, in addition to its products, it is possible to experience over 500 years of culture and passion for Tyrolean beer in Zell am Ziller.

Zillertal Bier History

The Probstei in Zell am Ziller has the right to produce and serve beer and brandy from the Archdiocese of Salzburg for the "Polsingerhaus". This marks the beginning of the rich history of Zillertal beer. At the time, the brewery was located in the family-run Hotel Gasthof Bräu in the center of Zell am Ziller. Since then, the Gauder Festival has been celebrated on the "Gauderlehen", the agricultural property belonging to the brewery. Today the festival is Austria's largest festival of traditional and spring costumes and attracts over 30,000 visitors to Zell am Ziller every year on the first weekend of May. For this festival we have always prepared a very special beer specialty, our famous Gauder Bock.

Josef Hochbichler acquired the "Polsingerhaus" in 1664 and the associated right to produce and serve beer and brandy. Josef Hochbichler was the first "free beer producer in Tyrol". Since then, our family has managed the inn and farm, in addition to the brewery.

The brewery was moved to Gerlosstrasse by Josef Hochbichler's son Ludwig in 1738. We prepared our beer specialties there until 2012. The Polsingerhaus was continued as an inn. In often difficult times, the respective owners of the brewery managed to keep the business going. The current recovery in the brewery began only after the Second World War due to the development of tourism in Tyrol. In the 1950s, around 2,500 hectoliters of beer were produced.

The history of Zillertal beer has been largely shaped by women. With the necessary skill and talent, they led the company to the next generation, which could also benefit from rich experience and precise records.

We have always provided our local inns with our beer. So a good collaboration with innkeepers and locals has developed over time. The oldest customer relationship has existed since 1506. The brewery has also been involved in the progressive development of the region. Of particular note is the owner of the Kaspar Schneider brewery, which was among the founders of the Zillertal Bahn.

Two department stores were built on the outskirts for the entire logistics. But the beer was still on Gerlosstrasse in the center of Zell am Ziller. For this reason, the entire full and empty spaces had to be transported back and forth between the two locations.

Construction of the new brewery on the outskirts of Zell am Ziller began in 2008. In the first of a total of three construction phases, a fermentation and storage cellar, filtration and bottling plants were recently built. The new part of the brewery started operating in late 2009.

In the second phase, the brewery's innovative brewery was equipped with the latest technologies. After a construction period of only nine months, the new brewery started operating on 12.12.2012.

We have been producing our beer specialties according to tradition for over 500 years. Today with the latest technologies, but still with selected regional ingredients. This makes the Zillertal Bier beer specialties a special piece of the house.

Zillertal Bier

Time period
  • 1700s
  • Austria, Schwaz
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Zillertal Bier
  Bräuweg, 1 - 6280 Zell am Ziller
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Zillertal Bier
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