Circolo Dell'Unione di Firenze

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The Circolo Unione is a gentlemen's club in Florence founded in 1852 by Prince Anatolio Demidoff based in Palazzo Corsi, which has since been known as Palazzo del Circolo Unione, in the heart of Florence.

Circolo Dell'Unione di Firenze History

The Club, after an initial founding project drawn up on April 7, 1852, was founded on April 7, 1852 at the Villa San Donato by Prince Anatolio Demidoff and a group of his friends, fans of galloping horse races: Don Neri Corsini, marquis of Lajatico, Duke Ferdinando Strozzi, Prince Carlo Poniatowski, the Duke of Talleyrand and Count Giovacchino Murat.

In reality, the Prince wanted to call the club Circolo Unione, but was forced to renounce this name in favor of "Anonymous Company for Horse Racing" (later "Jockey Club")

In 1853, the association held its first meeting in Palazzo Corsi (where it established its headquarters), in via Tornabuoni 7, where it is still located and which has been owned by the club since 1920. Since the early years the Club had a very cosmopolitan character and liberal; in addition to attending the aristocracy and the upper middle class, ministers, ambassadors and persons in charge of foreign powers accredited to the Grand Ducal Court had free access.

In 1871 it officially assumed the name of "Circle of the Union", renouncing the organization of horse races, whose care was entrusted to another company.

The clubhouse has been located in Palazzo Corsi since 1853, which has since been known as the Union Circle Palace. The palace was built at the end of the 16th century for Simone di Jacopo Corsi, who entrusted the construction to Giorgio Vasari, and subsequently to Bartolomeo Ammannati.

Circolo Dell'Unione di Firenze

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Florence
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Circolo Dell'Unione di Firenze
  Via de' Tornabuoni, 7 - 50123 Firenze
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Circolo Dell'Unione di Firenze
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