Mulino Maurizio Gervasoni

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The Gervasoni mill in Baresi is a 17th-century rural building framed by the suggestive landscape of the Orobic Prealps, in the Brembana Valley. Active until 1996 thanks to its last miller, Maurizio Gervasoni, it was acquired by FAI in 2006 by providing for a recovery of the building and its mechanisms in order to preserve its historical memory.

Mulino Maurizio Gervasoni History

Located in a unique landscape context, in the territory of the small mountain town of Bàresi, in the Brembana valley, the rural stone building dates back to the 17th century and still preserves a press for squeezing walnuts, a flour mill (dating back to 1672) and some testimonies of an ancient bread oven. From the activity of these factories, dozens of communities in the valley have obtained for centuries the products necessary for their subsistence: flour, bread and oil for food and lighting.

Above the entrance, a fresco depicts a Madonna and Child, while a walnut tree is represented on the right. Home to ancient crafts and traditions, due to its historical and anthropological relevance, the mill has been subject to restrictions by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

Thanks to a donation from Intesa Sanpaolo, the Foundation was able to purchase the mill from the Gervasoni family in 2005. The FAI project envisaged a work of recovery and restoration of the building and its mechanisms, so that the precious historical memory kept in it was not lost. The management of the mill was then entrusted to the local community and the structure can be visited in the spring and summer months and can be reached on foot along very simple short paths.

Mulino Maurizio Gervasoni

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Italy, Bergamo
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Mulino Maurizio Gervasoni
  Via Oro, 19 - 24010 Baresi

Mulino Maurizio Gervasoni
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Mulino Maurizio Gervasoni
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