Burg Finstergrün

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Burg Finstergrün, a landmark of the Ramingstein community, stands on a rocky spur at 1085m above sea level. From this strategic position the castle has a broad vision, so as to have a view of the other castles in the area as well as in the surrounding area. Surrounded by green forests, nature, BurgFinstergrün is an excellent starting point for walks or excursions.

Burg Finstergrün History

Finstergrün Castle is the landmark of the Salzburg municipality Ramingstein in the Lungau area of ​​Salzburg and belongs to the Austrian evangelical youth.

It can be seen how today the Finstergrün castle consists of two castles. The old castle is preserved only as a ruin. It is believed that its origin is in the 12th century and was built as a hill fort and border fortification at a strategically important point. Adjacent to the old castle is the new castle, which was not completed until around 1908. However, it looks a lot like a historic castle, since it was built in the style of the 13th century and both parts of the castle come together to form a harmonious whole.

For many castles, it is difficult to determine the exact timing of their construction from written sources. The ancient Finstergrün castle was first documented in the 1300s (protected). However, there are older documents around 1138, which they call Wilhelm von Ramenstein - the assignment of the same to Ramingstein in Lungau, however, is historically uncertain, since other places with a similar sound could be understood.

From 1946 to 1949 the scouts and from 1949 the Foundation for young evangelicals in Austria rented parts of the castle. In the following years, camps were organized for children and young people, as well as seminars for adults and other events. Finally, in 1972, Evangelical Youth Austria bought the castle.

Finstergrün Castle is a unique experience and a place for recreation

The castle is obviously also ideal for day trips, events, weddings, baptisms, family celebrations, company outings and quiet tours, for families, groups and individual guests.

Burg Finstergrün

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  • Austria, Tamsweg
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Burg Finstergrün
  Burgstraße, 65 - 5591 Ramingstein

Burg Finstergrün
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